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~ Server Rules ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» These are the official Zephyreum rules. We highly recommend you read these rules completely. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

» The basic summary is that if you are found to be negatively impacting the server or other players, action may be taken against you. So please make sure to read over these rules, and to respect our staff's decisions on punishments handed out.

» If you have any questions, contact a staff member in-game, or via the discord. If you feel your punishment was unfair, please create a ticket our Discord. Do not discuss it in-game.

» These rules may be modified at any time without notice. Please be sure to check back in regularly and see if there have been any modifications.

» Rules last modified: March 11th, 2024

~ Chat and Spamming ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» English is the primary language spoken on the server, so keep to English in all public chat, please. You may speak other languages in private channels, as long as all rules are being followed.

» Do not spam the chat for any reason.

» Spamming chat includes, but is not limited to; repeating the same/similar message multiple times in a row/or over a short period of time, sending one-word messages repeatedly, smashing random keys in frustration, placing the same auction over and over, death messages meant to clutter the chat, etc.

» Do not send an excessive number of messages in all caps in public chats. Verbal warnings will be given first to players without a history of caps, and then mutes. Attempting to bypass the rule via "CaPs BEIng UsED liKE thIS" will be rewarded with a mute.

» Respect other players. This means no harassing, name calling, swearing excessively at, or attacking someone in chat.

» This includes, but is not limited to; racial slurs, attacking a players religion or religious beliefs, belittling a player for their sexual orientation or identity, telling a player to kill themselves, mocking another player's intelligence, constant demeaning, etc

» Keep inappropriate comments out of global chat.

» This includes, but is not limited to; highly/overly sexualized comments, excessive use of profanity, racial comments, etc.
» While staff may have descretion on what is considered a joke, overusing these types of comments is not allowed.
» This especially applies to inciting annoyance or anger from other players.

» Do not start drama on the server.

» This includes, but is not limited to; arguing with other players in general chat, political topics, discussions about religion, and etc.

» Keep arguments with other players out of general chat. If you have a disagreement with another player, take it to private messaging.

» No offensive nicknames or usernames. Do not change your nickname to be offensive in any capacity, and do not impersonate staff members or other players with your nickname.

» Toxic behavior and constant trolling in chat is not allowed. Maintaining a fun and friendly environment in the chat is an important priority for the server, and persistent efforts to disrupt that can be met with long mutes, and possibly bans. It is our staff members' discretion on whether a player's actions constitute toxic behavior, and will be handled accordingly.

» Disrespect of staff members while they are enforcing these rules, or providing instruction to you will not be tolerated, and may incur temporary or permanent bans.

» Any real-life threats made toward another player will result in an immediate ban. Any threats made against the server via hacking, DDOS attacks, etc, will also result in an immediate ban. The breaking of these rules may also be reported to the proper authorities.

~ Cheating and Exploits ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» Do not abuse any bugs, exploits, or cheats within the server, or encourage other players to do so. If any such issues are found, they should be reported to a staff member, in order for the issue to be fixed as soon as possible. Any third party client mods or hardware or software modifications to the player's computer/client that provide an unfair advantage are not permitted, either.

» This includes, but is not limited to; mods or clients that allow x-raying, aimbots, auto-block placers, auto-clickers, bug abuse, item duping, abusing clearly unintentional plugin issues, etc.
» Anything that gives you an unfair advantage can fall under this umbrella, and may result in a ban.

» Alternate accounts are allowed on the server, though some features of the server are not permitted while on an alt account. If you have an alt account, or multiple users in the same household, please inform staff so we know which accounts are being used as alts or main accounts.

» You MAY use alts for extra voting rewards (This helps the server!), making money using the same Jobs your main account uses, join a town or nation, and rank up for extra perks.
» You MAY NOT use alts for extra Daily/Weekly chests, to level up seperate Jobs than your main account, or use the alt to load up a spawner grinder so that you can use two different grinders at once.
» Please do not use alt accounts to bypass Mutes or Bans, as this will just result in a permanent ban of your alt account.

~ AFK and Auto Farming ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» All farms without some kind of interaction from the player are not allowed.

» This includes, but is not limited to; automatic cactus farms, Redstone timer farms, observer farms that don't require the player's interaction, etc.
» A Redstone farm needs to have some kind of activation switch that a player activates. This can be a button, piston, tripwire, etc.

» Mob traps that require no player intervention to collect drops are not allowed.

» This includes, but is not limited to; iron golem mob traps, darkroom traps that auto kill, skeleton killing wolf traps, etc.
» As long as you have to attack or push a button to kill a mob, you're in the clear.
» Any type of farm that allows you to obtain special items, Skills/Jobs experience, or money while being AFK is not allowed. You will be asked to remove the farm, and further action may be taken under some circumstances.

» Any methods that prevent the automatic AFK kick from kicking you are not allowed.

» This includes all forms of AFK-pools and any other method you can think of.
» AFK Kick is currently DISABLED, but will be reactivated soon.

~ Griefing ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» Do not destroy/alter another player's possessions without their consent, or staff permission.

» This includes, but is not limited to; destroying buildings or other structures, placing blocks to stop players from accessing their stuff, taking accidentally dropped items, harvesting crops, killing or stealing animals, etc.

» If you find a chest that is open in the wild, you may take from it, this is not greifing.

» Chests that you have been given access to are not free to take from, please only take items you have permission to remove, unless it is a public donation chest.

» Do not destroy the environment of the main world, except for building purposes. If you need to gather resources or grind for your job, please do so in the resource world.

» Do not set up or use any trap that is made to lure players into their death. This includes teleporting to, or having a player teleport to you, in an attempt to kill them. Setting a home to attempt to kill or harass a player is not allowed either.

~ Scamming ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» All interactions on Zephyreum should be conducted in a polite and fair manner. Convincing players to part with items for significantly under market value by lying to them, etc, will not be tolerated.

» If you have made an agreement with another player, that agreement must be honored, as long as the terms do not violate server rules. If you renege (go back on your promise) on an agreement, punishment will be dealt accordingly

» Return all dropped items belonging to another player (mob drops, accidental death, PVP, etc) unless both parties have agreed otherwise beforehand.

» Do not abuse item renaming mechanics to create items that mimic official server items, or try to pass them off as the real deal. Any auctions that contain these items will be canceled, and you may result in the loss of your ability to create auctions. Showcasing these items may result in the removal of your ability to showcase items in the chat.

» Abusing auction mechanics to scam players out of money is not allowed and may result in a ban from actions.

» This includes, but is not limited to; setting large auction increments on items with a market value that do not justify the large price, attempting to place a bid to force players who are bidding quickly to pay a substantially higher price than market value, items that players might mistake for server items, etc.

» If a scam occurs, all players involved are required to refund the items on staff request. If the items are not returned, they may be forcefully taken, and punishments handed out to the refusing party.

» There are many ways to scam, and while they may not be explicitly stated in the rules, all staff has full discretion to define what actions define a scam, and will act accordingly.

~ Advertising ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» Do not share the IP addresses of other servers within Zephyreum.

» This includes, but is not limited to; Global chat, private messaging, town chat, local chat, signs, or books.
» We do not mind if you talk about other servers by name, but any attempt to advertise playing on that server is a bannable offense.

» Do not advertise on the server any service or product that is not related to Zephyreum.

» This includes, but is not limited to, other voice servers that are not the server Discord, Youtube channels, or anything else you stand to gain profit on.

» You may advertise your own Youtube/Twitch/etc channel, as long as you are not breaking the spamming rules, and only if the content is non-toxic, featuring Zephyreum.

» The sale/purchase of in game services or items for real life currency is forbidden, and will result in the punishment of both parties.

~ Towny ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» Do not use your ownership of a town to attempt to steal items or money from a player. Kicking a player from your town to claim their items as your own is not allowed. If a player is removed from your town, you must allow them to gather their belongings. Do not set town tax to a huge amount in order to collect large sums of money from a player's balance.

» Town's may enforce their own town rules, as long as said rules do not conflict with any server rules. In any such case, the server rules will take precedence. Staff will not enforce the rules set forth in a town, those rules are the obligation of town staff to enforce.

» A town is allowed to remove you from the town if you do not follow their rules, and may also prevent entry to the town for any reason.

» Town/nation staff that attempt to make a profit at the resident's expense, scam players, or use their town/nation to break server rules will be removed from the town, ownership of their town/builds revoked, and may also result in a ban.

» Do not build or destroy land in a 100 block radius outside of the town. Claiming land to impede the growth of a town is not allowed, and your land will be unclaimed without a refund.

» If you would like an inactive player's chests moved from your town, contact a staff member, and we will handle moving the chests somewhere else for you. Chests will only be moved if the player has been inactive for two weeks or more. If the player returns before 40 days of inactivity, the chests will be returned to them. If the player does not return, the town will have claim over the chests.

» Town staff has control over who is allowed in their town, and if you are asked to leave, you must leave. A town may make you an outlaw at any time, which will prevent entry within the town's borders. Continuing to try and enter the town or glitch your way in may result in you being warned/banned for harassment.

~ Zephyreum ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

» Any rules not explicitly expressed here may still be enforced by staff if they feel their discretion is needed. All punishments may be appealed via our Discord, but no guarantee is given that your punishment will be revoked.

» The owner (ZettaZero) has the right to overrule any rule, broken or not broken, past or future. This includes staff decision to punish a player, or to deny any appeal to be unbanned.

» Any attempt to skirt the rules, by arguing the "vagueness" of a particular part of the rules not explicitly states will not be tolerated in any form. This extends to all forms of client modification not stated, or rules unsaid.

» Ban appeals may only be discussed by staff within a ban appeal ticket on the Discord. Any attempt to speed up an appeal by messaging staff of a ticket, or trying to talk your way out of the ban in other discord channels, etc, will likely just lower your chances of a speedy appeal and may result in your appeal being denied, You may also be muted or removed from the discord server as well.

» Staff has full discretion on punishing a player and will attempt to follow a path on how to deal with a player breaking the rules. It may start first with up to three warnings, then mutes, tempbans, and possibly leading up to account wipes, reductions, or permanent bans. Staff does not need to follow this path if the severity of the rules broken outweighs the lower punishments.

» Zephyreum reserves the right to modify any and all content on our server or website without explanation, notice, or reason, including, but not limited to; the rules, anything in the game, server webpages, etc. By joining and playing on the server, donating to the server via the webstore, or using the website, you agree to these terms. Please do not play on Zephyreum's servers, donate, or use our website if you do not agree to these terms.